What The Future Holds For The Team, Solavei, and You when T-Mobile Rolls Out 4G LTE Upgrade ?

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People connect People, Silver Spring MD (Feb 19, 2013). 

September 2012 marked the launch of the brand new social commerce platform:

Solavei – a nationwide mobile network that carries $49 Unlimited Text-Talk-Data Cellphone Service on T-Mobile infrastructure with a twist; there is a special direct marketing program along side as a potential income opportunity for its customers.

UPDATE : A Busy First Month of 2014 for Solavei, Expecting Huge Opportunities in the Future !

By the end of January, five months after started, Solavei has paid out more than $4 millions to the social members.

The company grows rapidly and draws strong media coverage from several news channels on the Internet such as CNET, eWeek, Fiercewireless, etc…even our team has a press released at SBwire recently. Some of us was doubting about the MLM characteristic in the Compensation Plan, but at the end of the day everyone has agreed that Solavei kicks pyramid schemes’ butt !

Now with T-Mobile is on the right track to release their new 4G LTE network across America in 2013, this major upgrade will become the game changer for the entire Solavei community as well as People Connect People Team. 

For Solavei

From the interview with Frank Sickinger, T-Mobile USA’s SVP of B2B services, we see there are numbers of very exciting facts about this upcoming launch of LTE.

At the meantime, while AT&T and Verizon have already shouted out loud about their fastest 4G LTE and the largest coverage in the U.S, however T-Mobile spent $4 billions and begs to differ.

As the last carrier who comes to play, T-Mobile aims to fully deliver its service to the hands of 200 millions Americans, as much as Verizon has to offer and roughly 50 millions more than AT&T.

The evolution from EDGE to HSPA and eventually HSPA+ has taken a tremendous amount of time, yet this roll out of LTE does not take form of the same technology that being used by Verizon or AT&T. This is LTE R10, or also called LTE Advanced.

According to eetimes.com :

Release 10 supports carrier aggregation, the ability to use separate spectrum bands in a single service. It also supports up to 40 MHz channels and up to 8×8 MIMO antennas.

For carriers, the larger channels and aggregation provide more capacity they can offer on their airwave. For end users it can translate to higher peak data rates and more reliable connections.

What this means to end-users and Solavei customers in general is having the ability to bring more phones to T-Mobile without facing the spectrum mess of the current 4G LTE band. AT&T bought the lower portion of the 700MHz spectrum while Verizon bid for the upper portion, perhaps this also explains why AT&T and Verizon iPads cannot ride on different network.

Bruce Love, manager of the T-Mobile store at Cross Country Plaza off Macon Road, also comments:

The new [LTE] technology should give customers more reliable service, allowing for “deeper building penetration” both inside structures, but also outdoors.

“It’s like during your spring months when the trees and the leaves are real heavy, there will be better penetration through foliage and stuff like that,” said Love, explaining the move should also free up more spectrum locally for data transmission. That should provide more seamless service and fewer dropped calls.

For People Connect People Team and You

The launch of T-Mobile LTE is in perfect timing.

Solavei and ReadySim are the two first major MVNOs that will be immediately blessed with this new wireless technology.

We will be able to offer our friends, coworkers, clients, employees a brand new, faster, stronger, cutting-edge mobile service at half the cost of many other services.

Net10, Simple Mobile, StraightTalk, Cricket, and other smaller MVNOs are yet to have a contract or receive any significant agreement to accommodate the upcoming upgrade. We will not see many better offers than Solavei in a foreseeable future, or none that really gives us an opportunity to earn more than the phone bill itself.

If you are one of the first adopters for Solavei, knowing that the market of over 85 millions iPhone users alone are paying over $100 for their plan (70% U.S smartphones sold), it is already a great potential to start off with.

People Connect People Team will be here for the next 5, 10, 20 years or more to come – but for you as in a 5-year plan, do you think Solavei excellent service and great price will be able to earn you at least $1000 of residual income per month or save you as much from other mobile providers ?

It’s about time your phone bill pays you. Start online today, help local tomorrow !



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