Family Plan Savings

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Solavei Family Plan

Solavei Compensation Plan -the same program that has given thousand of people a great opportunity to earn monthly passive income- is also a great saving strategy for family.

If you do not know how the program works, quickly watch this video before continue.

Earn $5/month per line with Referral Pay !

Solavei for Family Plan

  • Enroll 1st member of the family in any Solavei Mobile Plan. This member should be the head of household and is older than 18.
  • Enroll any other members of the family under the 1st member. Each line earns $5 reward every month, directly deposited to the 1st member’s Solavei Debit Card.
  • There is no limit how many members can be enrolled.

Earn One-Time $50 Fast Action Bonus per 3 lines within the first month of service !

  • Any immediate 3 enrollments within the first month of service earns the 1st member $50 and extend FAB into another month, up to 2 additional months.
  • Max limit of each month is 9 members for a total of $150.
  • Enroll total of 27 in three months and get $450 from FAB.

Solavei Compensation Plan – How you can get paid

As you can see, each and every member in the family has Unlimited text-talk (plus data if chosen) on a 4G nationwide network with no additional fees, no surcharges, no over-limit charges or activation cost on any line. Family also gets the monthly bonus back from Solavei via the Compensation Plan. They can earn even more when they help others save money with Solavei Mobile Service!



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