Solavei CEO Ryan Wuerch jumps “All In” the pool at the Regional Event in Las Vegas.

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It have been a lot of readings on our blog regarding our mobile plan, how you get paid, how to introduce Solavei to everyone, why us and all that… so we thought time for a little break just so you get to know us better.

Perhaps nothing could spice things up more than a short, fun and down-to-earth live capture from the recent conference in the Las Vegas Regional Event last May 2013.

Solavei Las Vegas Event

This short clip was recorded during a presentation by Staci Wallace, and it really is one of the best that reflects Solavei’s commitment to the business, in both service and support for our members. There are no boring weekly meetings and periodically conferences like other businesses, this is just a way for Solavei members to get together and celebrate after days of hard works and dedication.

Enjoy the video and we’re sure you will love it, too. Welcome to the Revolution, are you ready for this ?

What A Blast !




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