How To Port Number from Other Mobile Service Providers to Solavei

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Activation Note
  • If you have enrolled online, your Solavei SIM package is shipped to your mailbox within couple of days at no cost. If you already have the SIM available, you can start the activation process right away.
  • You will be asked for a PIN if you choose to port phone number from another provider to Solavei. Please follow our guide to keep the transfer simple and easy.
  • Also confirm that you are not in obligation to any 2-year sentence contract. If you must pay the Early Termination Fees, use our Bill Calculator to figure out your savings.
  • When the porting process is completed – be sure your phone is optimized for Solavei, and share with a friend to earn your first $5/mo !
What is Solavei ? Why should I use it ?

The Account and Passcode for Porting Phone Number 

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Porting from AT&T


  • Account Number: your billing account number.
  • Passcode: the last four digit of SSN or your online AT&T account password.
  • Call 1-800-331-0500 or dial 611 if you don’t remember.

Porting from T-Mobile Prepaid


  • Account Number: add 1 before you phone number. Eg. if your phone number is 123-456-7890, then the account number used is 11234567890.
  • Passcode: try 0000 first, or the last four digit of your phone number. If you dial 611 from your T-mobile phone, you can actually change this number.

Porting from T-Mobile Postpaid

  • Account Number: 9-digit billing account number.
  • Passcode: user-defined. Call 1 (877) 453-1304 if you don’t remember.

Porting from GoSmart


  • Account Number: phone number.
  • Passcode: Call 1-877-582-7788 to create a passcode if 0000 or the last four digit of your SSN both do not work.

Porting from Sprint 


  • Account Number: 9-digit billing account number
  • Passcode: PIN that can be retrieved when you log in to
  • Call 1-888-211-4727 if you do not remember.

Porting from Verizon


  • Account Number: billing account number ends in 00001.
  • Passcode: last four digit of SSN or you have to call customer service line at 800-837-4966.

Porting from Verizon Prepaid

  • Account Number: phone number.
  • Passcode: four digit PIN you use to access voicemail.

Porting from Solavei


  • Account Number: phone number.
  • Passcode: 0000

Porting from Straight Talk

Straight Talk

  • Account Number: IMEI on phone or SIM card serial.
  • Passcode: last four digit of phone number.

Porting from Net 10


  • Account Number: IMEI number on phone.
  • Passcode: 0000

Porting from Metro PCS


  • Account Number: 9-digit billing account number.
  • Passcode: use 8-digit birthday or call (888) 863-8768 / dial 611.

Porting from Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile

  • Account Number: phone number.
  • Passcode: online account password or last 8-digit of SIM serial.


  • Account Number: 15-digit SIM serial.
  • Passcode: none.

Porting from H20 Wireless


  • You have to call 1-800-643-4926 for both Account Number and Passcode.
  • It has been said that Account Number is the SIM serial and Passcode is the last four digit of the SIM serial.

Porting from Cricket


  • Accoutn Number: Phone Number. If that does not work you have to call 1-866-351-7678 #2 for Account Number.
  • Passcode is your personal AID (Authorization ID).

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