How Exactly Do I Share Solavei and Earn Monthly Income ?

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You have just enrolled in Solavei Mobile Plan and you’re ready to earn a residual income on the side. Great!

But how do you refer Solavei to a friend and earn credit for that exactly? How do you get credit for the recommendation to Solavei service ? Here’s your one simple guide that may get overlooked by experienced Solavei Social Members, the basics of sharing Solavei !

1. Your Affiliate Link

After you have enrolled in Solavei Mobile Service, you are eligible to become Solavei Social Member at no cost. This simple upgrade allows you to start earning by referring other friends and family to use Solavei Mobile Plan.

You can do this by logging to You will be asked for SSN as an income tax requirement before you can proceed on.

From your Solavei account manager, you will also find your affiliate URL which is located at the top of the page, marked as Enroll (click to view screenshot).

Solavei Affiliated Link Structures

2. Affiliate Link Usage

It’s very important to choose a good screen name if you plan to use it for social sharing, business cards or flyers.

Unless you have a popular and well ranked personal website, address your screen name as your legal name usually does not have a strong impact on potential leads.

Here’s what I mean — if you handout a flyer and the affiliate link is — it’s more likely that someone will instead go straight to and totally ignore the screen name.

Why ? Because they do not find any benefits for going the extra mile just for someone’s name. It’s the painful truth. In which case, you not only lose a potential lead, but also probably miss out a new connection in your Trio if the person eventually enrolls.

Find yourself a proper screen name that brings out curiosity and shows incentives; such as,,, etc…

The good thing about this approach is even if the person decided to type in, there is a great chance she or he will also add your screen name to find out what’s really behind the URL.

If you already chose a regular screen name and now you don’t like it, don’t worry –you can still register a domain for less than $10 a year, to sugarcoat your link.

Front Solavei Card

For example, if I have my domain as (right now it hasn’t been taken, who knows when), I can easily setup a simple redirect so it can take my leads straight to all the times.

This method can increase conversion and earn trust from your leads, whether you share it on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, flyers, business card or decals on your car. It’s easy to remember, it guarantees only one way access to your affiliate link so you can get credits for the referrals.

Perhaps now all you need to do is spread out the words of Solavei Unlimited Mobile Plan for $49 a month.

For 100 person you inform about Solavei, even only 10 are interested and 3 actually give it a try — still, that is your trio and you have earned it.

How hard is it to earn $1200/mo with Solavei Mobile Service ?

Keep it up and once you get to 18 Trios, you are getting paid over $1000 every month for the works that you are doing right now. That’s the beauty of Path Pay bonus which has been outlined in the Compensation Plan.

It’s not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. We’re here to motivate and support you — be persistent!



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