How College Students Earn Passive Income with Solavei ?

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Why Solavei Cellphone Plan ?

Seriously, take a look around your fabulous campus and suddenly :


I bet you know a handful who are sure not gonna survive a week without cellphone. Well, perhaps it is normal in the tech age; but there is no reason why you shouldn’t bring the entrepreneur deep in you out — show them Solavei, a reliable & unlimited mobile service that saves money — and also get paid!

According to Clockwork Webdesign and other press release sources, these following statistics tell us alot about the cellphone role in our life :

And What is The Prediction ?

This and this and…

What is ANOTHER Prediction ?

This priceless reaction when people see their phone bill.

Courtesy of Canberra Times

Based on a few simple maths that we did in 2-Year Cellphone Contract : The Art of Going..Broke, we have learned that people often lose anywhere between $500 to $3,000 to the mobile bill after the 24 months if they have gone with big providers — of course, this cost is subjected to fly by the number of members in the family plan.

Now imagine if there was someone to tell people about Solavei; about how much they could save but not necessarily give up on anything they already have ?

Say…Unlimited TEXT TALK DATA, Nationwide 4G network, No b.s contract, No activation fee or upfront cost, No fear of cancellation fees or over-limit charges — internet all the way, low-cost prepaid international calling, exclusive shopping cash-back like groupon and starting at just $39.00/mo plus tax; with also an opportunity to earn residual income when they share . Just remember Direct TV but better.

Get to Know Solavei

True story: better offers and greater quality of service, but cheaper — why not ?

Androidauthority encourages Mobile Users ditch their contract and go unlocked

Welcome to Solavei.

In a nutshell, Solavei Mobile Plan is one of the most affordable cellphone plans available, right on par with any other prepaid plans but you get a full pledge phone service for all the Internet, Text, and Minute you can use.

Now since most college students either are under a family plan with their parent, or have to pay a hefty bill every month on their own for limited features — Solavei would be a perfect option for them.

Simply because :

  • College students in particular, communicate a lot using the cellphone. We all know some friends who break up or start dating via txt !
  • Students gossip a lot on phone, too – mostly random stuff to keep ourselves updated (party? where!?..)
  • Most of all, we use phone to browse Internet : reddit, 9gag, news, weather, maps, pandora, youtube, netflix, facebook, imgur, tumblr, porn…and then how does it feel when you receive that annoying warning from your mobile provider that you are about to reach the data cap of the month ? Well, wish for the best that we won’t have to pay too much on the surcharges !

Solavei plan is the ideal option for the whole family or the student alone to lower the phone bill by almost a thousand dollars per year, or more.

With Solavei, you are never to see something like this again.

Now you may find argument that Boost, Cricket, Simple Mobile and Virgin Mobile also offer pretty deals as well, however they do have hidden limitation on the data used before throttling.

Most of them slow down your data speed immediately after you have used 500MB, 1GB, or at most 2GB. None grants you 4GB of data at 4G speed like Solavei at the same price, and plus there is no cap of how much data you can use!

Solavei gives full benefits : unlimited text, unlimited talk, unlimited data riding on T-Mobile solid 4G Backbone Network (Solavei will be the first to have 4G LTE when T-Mobile rolls out this major network upgrade). This also means Solavei service quality is as equivalent to T-Mobile (similarly to how Sprint providing infrastructure to Cricket and Boost for example), and soon to be as great as Verizon.

Besides, Solavei pays you instead of any expensive TV commercials or News ads for referring new customers.

It’s the best approach of direct affiliate marketing. In fact, foxbusiness backs Solavei in their topic of Six Tips to Make College Life More Affordable !

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How Do We Get Paid ?

You have seen the data, you have seen the information, the statistics…now you should know what else Solavei can do for you besides the unlimited mobile plan.

I’m not beating around the bush to explain the details here, it’s just wasting time (but if you are a bookworm like me and love to read, head over to the Compensation Plan).

Otherwise, let’s bring forth another short video !

It’s a great clip and it shows how much Solavei and its top leaders have committed for the company reputation.

Yet, don’t be surprised when some people drop the bomb : MLM ! oh sh*t is it another pyramid scheme ? you only recruit to get ppl to work to you it’s shady etc… Well, that mostly are from people who previously had bad experience with this type of marketing and I disgust malicious MLMs as much as they do.

However before the wrong assumption is made to Solavei just because it shows a familiar multi-level rewards system, I’d like to bring in one other article for your educational research : Solavei™ Customer Affiliate Program kicks Multi-level Marketing Schemes’ Butts.

In short, Solavei customer is not only able to save a fair amount of money on the phone bill but also given an opportunity to be the first of an extensive network of clients who will also appreciate the fact that they were introduced to Solavei. No upfront cost for any jungle medicine, hyped up markup kits, crappy vitamin drinks. You only pay $49 plus tax for the service, that’s it.

It will be so much easier to breathe when there is that extra money on the side; knowing you are in control of your finance -even just a little bit in this economy.

That goes a long way for more ramen, manga, lunch treat, haircut, better shampoo, bus ticket, frozen yogurt, party, gf birthday, etc…since the student life is already as rough as it is. This is the passive income that doesn’t make you trade hours for a paycheck, you continue to earn while you are in class. There is no contract, no string attached so you know you will not trap yourself in something bad.

Lastly, I won’t give any fancy promise because it is not a get-rich-quick approach, but I know those entrepreneurs who are working and living a few years of their life like most people won’t, they will spend the rest of their life like most people can’t.

Whenever you are on the look for an affordable full-pledge cellphone service with a business opportunity on the side, People Connect People team is here to help you. It all begins with a simple flyer that goes to the hand of the person who needs; and kids, that was how I met Solavei.

Take the challenge, check out the team benefits and get started today !

Most students work hard during the summer to earn money for the school year, because they can’t work as many hours when classes start. However, it’s usually just minimum wages.

Instead students who have Solavei can also work hard during the summer, but this is their typical result :

Get 18 Trios = ~$1,400+/mo

In one year : $1,400 x 12 = $16,800 worth of passive income. Because you get paid month after month, after month – long since those first days of hard work.

In four-year college : $16,800 x 4 = $67,200 — that is a lot of money on the side while you can focusing on studying and it also helps on the tuition.

From here, you only continue to earn more because when your friends refer, you also earn rewards. The network only begins to expand.

Simply by sharing Solavei.



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