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10 different ways to earn from the exclusive compensation plan once your mobile service is activated!


Earn Passive Income and Bonuses with Solavei Compensation Plan 2015

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There are over 300 million mobile phone users in the U.S. – and most of them are paying too much for mobile service when they don’t have to! Now Solavei makes it possible for you to financially benefit by helping people save on great mobile service, when you become a Solavei Brand Partner.

Think about it: everyone you know uses mobile service everyday – after all, our phones keep us connected to what’s important in our lives. Now imagine that you could earn income every time someone signs up for mobile service – and then earn every month when they pay their mobile phone bill. You can, with Solavei.

Solavei is the first company to combine three proven industries; social media + referral marketing + mobile service. We have invested tens of millions of dollars into creating powerful referral marketing technology that empowers our Brand Partners to create a successful business – it’s like having your own mobile service store in the palm of your hand!


Take a moment to explore the many ways Solavei can help you earn part-time or full-time income as a Solavei Brand Partner.

A. Earn A Free Mobile Service

By referring 6 person to Solavei mobile plans, your $39 mobile service will be free every month (refer 9 and the $49 plan is free) !

B. Earn with Compensation Plan

There are more than 5 different ways you can earn with Solavei Compensation Plan. But first of all, you must understand the 4 important Points reference and a Rank chart.

DP Direct Point (DP) is the number of members you personally enroll that activate their Solavei Mobile Service. Direct Points count towards Fast Action Bonuses (more on this coming up) and free mobile service. You count as your own Direct Point regarding your Fast Action Bonus.

rp Referral Points (RPs) include your Direct Points (DPs) and all (indirect) members in any of your lines.
RPs exclude members with free mobile service and members under Brand Partner.

gpGeneration Points (GPs) include the total number of Referral Points from your Brand Partners through 5 generations; excluding all free mobile users.

npNetwork Points (NPs) include your total number of points through ALL generations of your network; excluding all free mobile users.

Rank Chart

AL (Ambassador Lines) are created when 1st Generation Brand Partners achieve the rank of Ambassador.

In order to be a Brand Partner, it will costs the active mobile user one time of $298. You’ll receive an exclusive Brand Partner System, including a complete pack of SIM cards, marketing tools, sales training resources, social media guidebook leadership development tools and a 30-day FREE trial of MySolavei Pro.

It’s best to work your way to a free mobile service first (6 referrals) before you should become a Brand Partner.

1. Fast Action Bonus (one time, non-residual, available first 3 months, total $800)

Earn Fast Action Bonuses by enrolling people within your first three calendar months!

*Even if you miss the qualifications for FAB 5 and FAB 10 in your first two calendar months, you can complete the requirements for all bonuses and receive the FAB 15.
Note: you count as one of your 5 Direct Points!

2. Team Action Bonus (on-going, non-residual)

When you achieve the rank of Team Ambassador or above, you will earn a Team Action Bonus of $5-$400 when Brand Partners in your network get their FAB. TAB encourages team work throughout the entire network.

3. Production Bonus (on-going monthly, non-residual)

Once your FAB period is over (after 3rd month) or you complete your FAB 15, your Production Bonus period begins and you can earn ongoing bonuses as you continue to add more members (DPs) to your network.


Each calendar month the Production Bonus Clock resets and you can try to beat your record. The ability to earn Production Bonuses never expires!

4. Rank Advancement Bonus (one-time, non-residual)

Earn a one-time bonus for every new rank you achieve, starting at Senior Ambassador and above.


5. Regional Ambassador’s Matching Bonus

When you reach the rank of Regional Ambassador or above, you will earn a $250 bonus each time one of your direct Brand Partners (first generation) reaches the rank of Regional Ambassador.

6. MERCEDES Bonus (residual pay, monthly)

Imagine driving a luxurious new Mercedes Benz that shows how successful your Solavei network has grown—it’s a wonderful reward for our Brand Partners who truly embody the Solavei brand every day.


*Brand Partners who qualify for this program receive monthly bonus payments according to their rank, volume, and adherence to the Solavei Mercedes Bonus Program guidelines. Other terms and conditions apply.
As of 10/1/15, the following qualification changes will occur: Regional Directors need 5,000 NP; National Directors need 15,000 NP; and Presidential Directors and above need 35,000 NP.

7. Residual Income (residual pay, monthly)

Once you become an Ambassador and above, you can earn Residual Income by enrolling new members in Solavei Mobile Service and helping Brand Partners in your network grow their networks.


WHAT IS A GENERATION? A generation is all members, down to and including the next Brand Partner.

generationWHAT IS UNLIMITED INCOME? As a Director and above, earn recurring monthly income based on qualified members of downline Brand Partners 6 generations and beyond (limited to 10% total Residual Income payout on any one member).

For example, once you are an Ambassador with 5 RPs (5 active members) you are paid $5 every month. However, if you are a Director, it will be $7.5 per month. This number seems small at first but before you could have a wall, you only have the first brick.

8. Leadership Income (residual pay, monthly)

As a Director or above, you will receive additional monthly income called Leadership Income, when you or your members help Brand Partners in your network achieve the rank of Regional Ambassador and above.

For example, if you are a Senior Director and help your first generation Brand Partner become Senior Director, you earn $200 in additional income while you both maintain that rank.

A Busy First Month of 2014 for Solavei, Expecting Huge Opportunities in the Future

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Falls Church, VA (January 08, 2013) — reported by Solavei Social Independent People Connect People Team — Solavei ended 2013 with over 340,000 members and topped $60M in profit.

The company earned twice the total customers of Amazon and triple to Netflix in their first year of business. By year end, Solavei has paid out more than $14 millions to its own customers who share Solavei Mobile Service to their friends and family. The revolutionary Social Commerce Platform that Solavei has introduced to the nation is not only storming the Multi-Level Marketing businesses, but also gives other mobile service competitors a run for their money.

Solavei Updates Compensation Plan for New Year 2014

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Silver spring, MD (December 30, 2013) — People Connect People — Solavei once again has changed the way how its members gets paid — starting next January 2014. Now everyone can earn something!

On March 2013, Solavei released an announcement regarding an update on its compensation plan; whereas most of the first-time and one-time incentives were removed in placed for a more simple, more consolidated pay structure.

Today is another news that has raised many eyebrows from its beloved followers.

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Four New Solavei 4G and Unlimited Mobile Plans

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Solavei New Cellphone PlansSilver Spring, MD and Tucson, Arizona (Nov 22, 2013) — Today is one big day of November where Solavei finally brought a new and very important changes in what we are offering to our customers (besides the Cash-back Marketplace).

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Previously, Solavei Mobile Plan was only available in one single rate where you get 4G and UNLIMITED text – talk and data service for a fixed price of $49.00/mo plus tax.

We realize that many of our potential customers were hesitated because more than often, the price was still not right for them.

Many do not need data and just want a simple voice and text plan for communication, some do not look to pay $49 for that much of a data capacity they will never use. Eventually, to meet the demand and to give our customers the best wireless solutions while retaining –perhaps improving the residual income opportunity, we are introducing four new packages to the mobile market, completely effective on the November 22nd of 2013.

This big change certainly opens a whole new level of opportunity like never before. Social Members now can tap into the market of audience who are looking for low cost plan and a more affordable opportunity to try Solavei. Gone is the time when someone rejected your offer because they didn’t find the best price they wanted for the mobile service they really need.

Even though we can introduce them the income opportunity to lower the bill, but at the end of the day — your friends, your customers are those who deserved the best solution from you off hand.

Show them the right choice, walk them through each and every first steps and that will go a long way for you and your business experience with Solavei.

How Exactly Do I Share Solavei and Earn Monthly Income ?

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You have just enrolled in Solavei Mobile Plan and you’re ready to earn a residual income on the side. Great!

But how do you refer Solavei to a friend and earn credit for that exactly? How do you get credit for the recommendation to Solavei service ? Here’s your one simple guide that may get overlooked by experienced Solavei Social Members, the basics of sharing Solavei !

Everything You Need To Know About Solavei Marketplace

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Solavei Marketplace in September

Several months ago, Solavei members were first introduced the concept of Solavei Marketplace –promising a brand new and exciting shopping experience — besides Solavei’s $39 Unlimited Mobile Plan.

Silver Spring, MD (Oct 6th, 2013) – Fast forward to the month of October 2013, Solavei has finally opened the doors to the Marketplace — also known as an exclusive gateway for special discounts, cash-back and other saving opportunities that can be used with many major retailers within the United States.

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Solavei members now not only be able to save on the mobile phone service and earn by referring new friends but also be able to use Solavei as a go-to assistance to get a much better price whenever they go shop for food, clothes, dining, entertainment products or other services from their everyday local as well as online stores.

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