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Solavei $24 VOICE and TEXT plan
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Solavei Nationwide Coverage Mobile Plans

Nationwide Coverage

Our Mobile Service relies on the best nationwide, true 4G LTE backbone, ensuring the highest quality of coverage anywhere you go!

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Solavei Use Your Own Phone

Use Your Own Phone

If you can’t bear to part with your current phone, don’t worry—most unlocked GSM phones will work GREAT on the Solavei network, including iPhones !

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International Calling

Keep in touch with friends and family outside the U.S. with Solavei International Long Distance calling. Solavei offers you the flexibility of unlimited calling, or use pay-as-you-go calling with the most competitive rates to over 250 countries around the world.

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Passive Income Opportunity

Earn recurring income with Solavei for each referral

Think about it: everyone you know uses mobile service everyday - after all, our phones keep us connected to what's important in our lives. Now imagine that you could earn income every time someone signs up for mobile service - and then earn every month when they pay their mobile phone bill. You can, with Solavei.

Over 300,000 people have switched to Solavei and they never need to find another mobile service ever again !

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